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for the year and a half that it worked properly. 5 L engine. $17,000. Steer your boat with a simple key fob which allows you to fish from anywhere in the boat. ConTrollKing is designed to complement any and all of the remote steering systems that are available to the avid fisherman. I mostly run my boat with the T8 and panther T4 cordless remote steering on the Columbia either above or below McNary Dam. i bought and used this system while trolling my pro kicker which was connected to my 275 verado---worked fine for about 30 minutes and then my low battery alarm went off--dealer told me the kicker would put in what the power steering pump drew out--not true--disconnected the power to the pump---can't use them connected so using the steering wheel while trolling is out--power steering pump Shopping for remote kicker steering? Get FREE 2-day shipping. Tighten to 20 foot-pounds with a torque wrench. I would not want it if the motor were to be run any faster than trolling speed ,as the react time might get you into SeaStar Outboard Steering. When I looked at this model it was compact and the motor and actuator is small. A setable autopilot would be great. She said I needed a new kicker with electric start, remote control and better steering. The SeaStar Kicker Cable Tie Bar has been engineered for easy and secure installation on outboard powered vessels with popular SeaStar hydraulic steering. Hydraulic steering, the final of the three main steering systems, has a round shape behind the helm and is very accessible and easy to steer. What about using the troll master near the remote kickerbest of both worlds? Adjust throttle from stern or helm, steer from helm or leave straight and steer with ipilot. Kicker motors could electric trolling motors or fossil fueled outboards a smaller version of the big one. 1 selling remote steering device in the world, the Electro Steer. It lets you pilot your "kicker" with an unrestricted view of what's ahead. The Kicker itself weighs 58. Best Seller in Boat Engine Outboard Motor Remote steering for 9. He said no problem. 9 Mercury Kicker I am wanting to install remote steering on my merc 9. Mounting hardware included. Boat is an 18. Is it standard or the best way to have this kicker linked to the main outboard for steering purposes or is tiller steer better? Grease the end of the cable with white marine grease. So, I would like to have remote steering and throttle control for the kicker as the tiller extension handle and operator postion for tiller control is not comfortable at all. Lift a kicker up on the transom with the clamps turned all the way out and see how far outboard it will go. When I had  Top Q: What is "Steering Unit Ready"? A: iTroll has outputs to activate any units that iTroll can control are: POWRTRAN, Panther, Intellisteer, and Remote Troll. Push the cable through the outboard's tilt tube -- the tube on which the engine tilts up and down. Since 1974 our Virginia-based Advisors have loved helping folks find the right gear. Garmin fish finder electronic fish finder user manual. Best Match Save remote kicker steering to get e-mail alerts and OMC Johnson Evinrude 173972 7. com Manufactured by Octopus (a division of Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. To Top. So that reaffirmed my quest for remote steering and I chose powertran, it is sitting in the box waiting to be installed. The company offers top-notch trim and tilts, outboard motor brackets, PRO series oil extractors, and many more. Designed to steer a smaller auxiliary outboard, independent of the main motor from anywhere on the boat with a small wireless remote. Welcome to EZ-Steer With the EZ-Steer System, you can safely and easily steer your auxiliary outboard engine from your boat's main wheel even if one is raised or tilted. And he can see it better from the helm with it on that side of the boat. I'm torn on whether I want to spend the extra $$ to have it tied to the main engine so I can run it from the console, or whether to go with a tiller. And the kicker by itself. When the unit is powered-on, you can use it to adjust kicker throttle. Honda Kicker Installation. Another great choice for outboard steering is the NFB Safe-T II Mechanical Rotary Steering System. Outboard motor steering kit 11663-7 allows you to steer your kicker motor  . Now onto kicker motors: How many guys use one of these for trolling instead of the bigger motor? For a 20' boat, what's the most appropriate size? I was thinking of a 9. Boat steering has never been so easy! Whatever your remote steering needs, Intellisteer™ has the right steering kit for you. I want to steer the kicker with the main. A variety of models available to fit the popular brand name 4-stroke kicker motors: Mercury, Mariner, Honda, Johnson, Evinrude, and Yamaha. But, if not I will just keep the 25 and add the kicker motor for the lakes with restrictions. T5 provides a unique solution to steer a kicker motor. I'm looking at getting a remote steering setup for my 9. This requires remote steering on the motor and not the tiller handle. I have one of the rods that connects to my outboard so I use my main steering wheel I like it, but would rather be able to wander around a bit. using the steering arm or link rod's bolt and lock nut. Thank you for your help in advance , John. We design and produce wireless remote steering for outboard motors. The Python requires a steering tube for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Selecting the Outboard Steering System best suited for your boat: 1. remote steering, which would result in steering with the kicker only. I found that using the boat's rudder to steer with the kicker locked straight forward was manageable but not as precise as I wanted. Providing Expert Advice with over 35 Years of Experience and Free Shipping on Orders Over $75. It also comes with a joystick and a FOB for steering. 7 quarts of oil. And you will still want to bolt the kicker to the transom both for all kinds of security reasons, and to gain a convenient height for the ventilation plate and for any steering connections. As I said before, my Replacement Steering Kits from Wholesale Marine. ), the world’s leader in auto-pilot drive technology, Intellisteer Boat Remote Steering is backed by 30+ year of experience in the design of marine drive systems. steer and view the videos to find the unit that would best work for I am looking to install a 9. Remote Troll is a remote control steering system that works with most boats and trolling motors. Right now I'm looking at RemoteTroll, Sea Star, and Garmin's TR-1. I'm looking to buy a steering system for the kicker so I can steer from the cabin. My motor I just purchased is the Yamaha T25TLRD 25hp high thrust with remote steering. 5 pounds plus whatever the Remote Kit weighs which is minimal. Greetings, i finally got myself into a real fishing boat, so now im trying to see what the best way to connect my kicker to my main for steering is. Spend more time fishing and less time steering with Garmin’s TR-1 Gold Marine Autopilot. This guide will assist you in the selection of the steering system best suited to your boat. 9 Yami 4 stroke pushing a 24ft Lund sportcabin. Sounds good in theory. The only other one I've thought about is the Goetz hydraulic steering. Both the cylinder and tie-rod are stainless steel. Not certain what steering system and boat steering cables your boat requires? With solutions for all of your boat’s steering needs, Wholesale Marine offers complete Teleflex Rack & Pinion Steering Systems, Rotary Steering Systems, and the Baystar Hydraulic Steering System. Controlled by a 2 button hand held remote with 24'   30 Jun 2019 The Python Powrtran Steer PS205SS is ideal for awkward or hard to reach Models come with Wireless Remote and 24' Corded Switch which can be The Python Power Kicker Steering System is designed for closed  9 Oct 2018 If your kicker is remote-controlled, or you choose to lock the auxiliary motor's steering and use your primary engine as a rudder, You'll want the kicker motor's anti-ventilation plate to be even with the bottom of the hull for best  TrollMaster PRO3+ Remote Throttle and Steering Control - Part Number TMPRO3PLUS by Panther. An outboard cable-steering connection kit is required. Has a 20' cord which allows you to steer from anywhere in the boat. You'll also find control cables from Teleflex. I need to get something ordered soon . KickerControls builds products for the original TROL-EZE® hydraulic steering and Panther® electric steering systems. A variety of models are available to fit the popular brand name 4-stroke kicker motors: Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude, Honda and Suzuki. Plus, you can back troll for eyes, and it's easily removed, neither of which you cannot do with a remote steer. The Type R System controls a kicker motor directly. Contact Tom Curry at 419-545-5003. It would be easy to switch to another boat if need be down the road. Call or chat with us today for free expert advice. Hydraulic boat steering systems are primarily recommended for larger engines that are over 150 horsepower due to their superior strength and durability. Our frontline product is the wireless remote upgrade for the TROL-EZE® to give full steering control from anywhere in your boat in a waterproof package. The kicker burns about 2 1/2 gallons of fuel for 8 hours of trolling. I'm hopeful some of you that have them might give me your opinions of the pros and cons of your units. The kicker is now very handy and very easy for me to use. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. I would love to have a reliable remote kicker motor control system, but hate to fork out the $$$ for a TR1-Gold just to deal with constant issues. Much like the power steering system in your car or truck. With about 15 yrs of trolling experience on my smaller 19' boat I've come to the following conclusions in heavy seas: Kicker locked straight and steer with main engine at helm = POOR Main engine straight and steer with kicker tiller handle Another vote for the kicker. 7. Trailer, Custom winter covers for boat and kicker motor plus rod holders included. The outdrive would have to be up. 9 Mercury 4 Stroke Kicker motor to my boat. Shopping for remote steering for kicker? Get FREE 2-day shipping. Industry leading Electonic Throttle Control Mechanical steering systems rely on push-pull cables to move your engine or rudder, but all cables include some backlash or lost motion, due to the nature of their design. He is going to look around a bit for some used parts and see what he can do. Experience the thrill and ease of tailoring your Truck or Jeep with our Guaranteed Lowest Prices on all Power Steering Pump Kit products at 4WP. That TR-1 was the best money I ever spent on that Lund. There are also several Intellisteer options for boats which do not have an autopilot, depending on the steering type. Port Side ; It could be that the owner may be fishing alone most of the time and if the boat has a remote steering station forward behind a windshield, which will always on the starboard side, he may prefer the trolling motor on the port side, again for balance. best kicker remote steering Boats. Attach the end of the cable to the motor's steering arm or steering link rod. That was nice that Remote Troll fixed the bad switch for your spare. Does anybody have any good pics or links on small outboard remote steering setups? I have a small 6hp Nissan on my skiff and I'd like to setup for push pull steering in the middle thwart. What is the best remote steering for a 4 stroke yamaha kicker that does not connect to the outdrive? Are there autopilots for kickers? I want to steer the outdrive by itself. I want to make a kicker steering system simular to the one pictured on the links below (don't know how to load the pics to this site, sorry). Today I talked to the guy storing my boat and asked him about adding a 9. It comes with a remote drive unit, wireless system, and a steering cable. All in all, very little weight was added to the transom. com, an authorized dealer of the world’s top four-stroke outboard motor brands. Can I get away with a connecting rod from the main motor to kicker motor? Or should I try and integrate the hydraulic steering from the main motor to kicker motor or purchase an electric steering unit? Goetz trol-eze kicker Hydraulic steering system I just removed this from my boat last month. an EZ-connecting rod which would result in both the outdrive and kicker contributing to the steering. Steer with a wireless remote control, and fish with both hands www. More Thrust ProKicker outboards feature a deeper gearcase and a four-blade, high-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio – the perfect setup for trolling and precise control in all conditions. By using a universal ABYC steering connection on the kicker motor, SeaStar Solutions® has made it simpler than ever for builders, dealers and boaters to rig, operate and steer both motors For sale is a brand new Power Tran remote steer unit. Best Match currently Save kicker remote steering to get e-mail alerts and updates on 42 product ratings - Kicker - Remote Bass Control for Most 2010 Kicker Combine that with a trollmaster throttle control, which has a wired remote that can also operate the panther steer, and you have have a system that allows you to control the boat for under a $1000. Open. When it's engaged, it locks-on to the current heading, and keeps the boat headed that direction until the user makes a change. 1-48 of over 1,000 results for "panther remote steering" Attwood Outboard Kicker Motor Steering Kit 11663-7. Powertram Kicker remote steering? I have the same dilemma as many ifishers with a jet boat. . cable allows you to steer your kicker motor from anywhere in the boat, allowing you to concentrate on the fish. With a trolling motor Remote Control you will be able to turn on and off your motor as well as change the speed. In this way I could operate the auxiliary motor from the helm just as if I had twins. I check their price for the switch&cord about $70 couple years ago. Uses hydraulic pumps and fluid to take the effort out of steering. • Dual Motor Control Capable - Has the ability to control BOTH the kicker and MAIN motor on the same boat! • Has the ability to be used on MAIN motors (non-kicker) * TrollMaster is a product of MarineTech Products (Marine Tech Products) * ControllKing is a product of Magma Manufacturing I would think the best steering solution is to get all 3 steering together for best control in heavy seas. The T4 Through Tilt Tube Electro Steer represents the newest innovation in remote steering. fix the 20hp kicker and try to steer with the outdrive as a rudder. Type R Remote Steering for Auxiliary (Trolling) Motors Kit Includes: Wireless Control Remote Drive Unit Electronic Clutch Steering Cable Fits below decks Easy to use installation kit Key Features: Wireless Steering Control for outboard or kicker Electronic clutch disengages for manual steering Rotary drive system Safety override technology 1987 25 ft Pro Line with 10 ft beam, walk around. I was lucky because the first mate said she did not want me to go through all I did before with the last boat, reaching over the transom to lower & adjust the motor height, pull starting the kicker, and then connecting the steering rod. Steering Control Ready - Add a Panther ElectroSteer to the TROLLMaster PRO3 system and you have now achieved the ability to control throttle AND direction from one remote. The wireless remote system easily installs in place of your old control box and still allows you to use the switch assembly that came with your unit as well as the wireless transmitter for ultimate flexibility! Our system combines the fastest power kicker motor system in the industry with, the convenience of remote steering. Results 1 - 48 of 114 Get the best deal for Panther Boat Steering from the largest online Panther Kicker Motor Steering Connector Quick Release Only, Pair 55-5100 steering kit is the ideal way to provide remote control steering for any type  The all new Kicker Lift boasts a new innovative design for operator convenience, and ease of use with its Advanced Wireless Steering Unit. It is so nice to be able to move around; to not be saddled to your helm (steering wheel). Whether you love road trips with the family, need better car connectivity, or want the latest safety and convenience technology, you can shop Best Buy for car accessories such as dash kits, Bluetooth/hands-free car kits, radar detector parts, and more. 9. In 2017 Panther took another leap by launching Panther XPS Power Steering. It comes with the standard "wired" remote control and the optional "wireless" remote as well! It is the stainless steel model and works with all kicker models. Can be seen at Turtle Creek Marina, Oak Harbor OH. Yamaha,Mercury,Honda etc. True fingertip control. The speed control with the remote control box is clumsy at best. The 24-ft. I am planning on using remote controls for the kicker. This means you can enjoy your fishing spot without getting up or moving from your boat. To find out which Remote Troll works best for you, use our simple SELECT A REMOTE TROLL tool. So I am back to square one. Can be disconnected and connect a standard steering link to I have a bow mount Terrova TM with iPiolt link but there are times when I would like similar control with the kicker, realizing that it would not be tied into the Humminbirds. Available in cable lengths from 10-feet up to 20-feet, this ultra-smooth 3-turn steering system makes steering V-4 outboard powered boats much easier! The Intellisteer Type R Remote Drive is a mechanical steering drive designed to work in conjunction with the Intellisteer Wireless Steering System on smaller powerboats fitted with an auxiliary kicker motor. Looking for recommendations - planning to drop a 9. Some high-performance boat/engine combinations (with maximum speeds above 50mph) cannot tolerate this amount of play, and develop high-speed instability. I knew going into this project that I wanted a four-stroke motor for an auxiliary engine, preferably a high-thrust model, and one that had full remote control capabilities, including: remote steering, remote electric start, and; remote throttle and shift. Upgrade your helm with a new control lever, steering knob, or steering wheel from Schmitt, Teleflex, or UFlex. 9 to 15 hp kicker for this spring and had a few questions. Either way – Fisheries Supply has you covered with several outboard motor steering systems and outboard motor parts from trusted brands like IntelliSteer Systems, EZ Steer, Sea-Dog Line and more. To steer the kicker motor there are remote steering systems such as the Panther marine Electro Steer Remote Kicker Steering. I think you can get conversion kits from tiller to remote for couple hundred bucks. 9 kicker motor on my boat in a couple of weeks. TROLLMaster, the world's leading remote throttle control for gas powered auxiliary outboards. Be sure to purchase your kicker outboard motor from OnlineOutboards. 3. Take a look at our list of available trolling motor remotes or use our search to find the remote you need for your motor. (See optional wireless remote Best remote steering for kicker motor. All of the electronics is installed on the inside of the kicker and the unit pulls the power from the motor. Lowrance HDS Series fishfinders feature widescreen displays and pinpoint GPS mapping capabilities for optimum navigation. 9 horsepower outboard? I think that steering would be easy - using the old steering cables and pulleys system - but the throttle and shift is the problem. Hey fellas, I'm lookin to pick up a 9. I looking for some affordable steering options. Hey guys been looking at remote throttle and steering systems in a reasonable price range (not TR-1) and am leaning towards powrtran python for steering and a itroll for speed. Kicker motors are exceptional for trolling and provide a fuel-efficient ride on the water. General rule of thumb. You can get factory parts to connect to the main motor for steering, and a Troll Pro for precise speed control. This is really a no-brainer. Install either the hydraulic pack or cable-steer pack and use the HDS unit to configure piloting needs. One thing you might want to consider when mounting the kicker is the eventual installation of remote steering / throttle control or a full fledged autopilot such as Garmin's TR1. The Python Kicker Steering System is designed for closed throttle cruising and trolling and can be operated by hand or foot. Installs in minutes and requires only 4 inches between main engine and kicker. dog`s well-being and safety during this exhausting environment we are taking our best friends to. Thanks in advance. Motors are used for trolling while fishing. Tiller all the way. Repaced by a simple EZ-steer bar between kicker and outdrive. The Accu-Mix system weighs about 3 pounds plus 1. What all is entailed in this conversion? Just new throttle cables and control box? oh ya, the steering is from an ez steer, so that is all taken care of. 2 out of 5 stars 11. Best Match. TrollMaster, the world's leading remote throttle control for gas powered auxiliary outboards. even if you don;t do a lot of trolling it can be handy. I have and older It is currently mounted to the top of the transom. 2. I was talking with a guy at Galleon and he mentioned High Rise had a remote option. I don't want to spend $2500 for the Tr1 gold. Relatively new to the marine market. 5HP Outboard Remote Steering Adapter Kit 0173972 They manufacture the No. Top features of Intellisteer  Configured to work with 4-stroke kicker or trolling motors, our remote throttle controls burst control; Easy Installation; Works with all Panther Electro Steer units. Looks like Pretty easy install and I got very good use out of it over the summer. Fishermen everywhere were becoming frustrated and looking for ways that their trolling motor could work for them. The installation is designed so as  Brand new remote with protective cover and longer lanyard; Introducing the Python marine steering system, our power kicker steering unit – the quickest in the  This guide will assist you in the selection of the steering system best suited to Whatever your remote steering needs, Intellisteer™ has the right steering kit for you. Anyhow the panther remote steering system came off the Pennyan about mid season last year. Not really sure about the panther t5 reviews and trollmaster isn't waterproof so that's why I'm leaning with my choices above. 5' Crestliner Fishhawk with a 135 Honda, console steer. Below the dam, current is around 2 to 5ish MPH, the t4 still works good but you have to be on the buttons (left/right) a little more. What kind of steering are you guys using. He was telling me parts to convert it to remote steering would be anywhere between $100 and $200 plus an hour to two of labor. High Rize Kicker Lift has just introduced a new, state of the art outboard engine on the vessels console, by remote control with fobs, or by all three methods. I will be using it mostly in the What is currently the lowest horsepower outboard that can be set up for remote steering, plus throttle and shift control? Has anyone made a kit to provide these features on a conventional 4 to 9. Best Seller in Powered Mobility Scooters. New and used items cars real estate jobs services vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in ontario. King Cobra Outdrive. Price Match Guarantee. I was out today just to see how it would be just driving by the tiller itself but it sucked. Designed to complement remote steering systems without interfering with your motor's normal, manual throttle control, the ConTrollKing Remote Throttle Control allows you to adjust your motor's speed using either manual controls or the ConTrollKing. When engaged, it's always actively steering the motor to keep the heading, it's not a remote steering device. SeaStar outboard hydraulic steering offers a very extensive range of engine and steering system alternatives. Panther, Trollmaster Pro3, Remote Throttle for Gas Outboard. Controlled by a 2 button hand held remote with 24' cable. Though the trolling motor technology was there for almost 30 years no one had built upon the basic concepts. Better feel for the road, meet better feel for the water. Unfollow remote steering kicker to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. With the IntelliSteer you can actually sit up front AND steer. Power Steering. Copyright Advance Marine Products LTD. While I think the TR-1 is the best, I'm hoping to find a more affordable option. Especially a yamaha, I love our t8. Something happens to your main outboard and you can still get back, battery dies from a long day on the water and its a lot easier to start than the main motor to charge the battery, strong winds and you can use it to back troll into the wind, even if its just to vertical Mackinaw Watercraft Steering Home Page. A portable wireless, Bluetooth remote controls autopilot from anywhere on board allowing for course corrections. 1 result for remote steering kicker Save remote steering kicker to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. I seemed to have found all my best deals on eBay but not always the case. 1. Great system, but I could not get the hang of using a remote to steer my boat. For fishing, they are quiet and slow moving, so you can navigate the water without disturbing fish. I'm sure it's the most expensive option but is it potentially the best compromise? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk What is the best remote steering for a 4 stroke yamaha kicker that does not connect to the outdrive? Are there autopilots for kickers? I want to steer the outdrive by itself. I have a single inboard (Seastar hydraulic steering) and would like to be able to steer the kicker motor (15HP Yamaha) that is mounted on the swim platform. Looking for a remote steering setup for my kicker. You'd be money-ahead, and likely have fewer head aches if you just buy and use a tiller extension to control the kicker. Attwood Outboard Kicker Motor Steering Kit 11663-7. 3) As you're already aware, it's going to be difficult to install/remove the EZS before/after lowering/raising the o/d and/or kicker. All Rights Reserved. We were discussing some things and I asked him about whether or not I'd need some modifications and he said he can attach the kicker motor to your 115 Mercury Outboard steering linkage so that you can steer the kicker from your captain's chair. I love having both of these units excel for different applications. However, if your motor does not have one, we offer an auxiliary steering tube optimized for use with the Python. Does anyone have any info about the Powrtran Python steering. 2014 Yamaha Big Foot Kicker Motor with Remote Steering. 4. I have no idea where I would find a small quick connect ball joint such as the one pictured. Available on 20hp & 15hp FourStroke and 15hp Pro Kicker outboards. 9 HP 4 stroke kicker motor. You steer with a remote. I find that the Python Steering exels for open water applications and doesn’t confine you to the drivers seat for the remote kicker option whereas the Trollmaster allows you to utilize the steering wheel for more precise control when working tight to structure. intellisteer. Full turning functions available and will accommodate steering tiller on most models. 17 Jan 2012 Watch Jon show you the new Panther T5 Electro Steer, how it works and also how it works in conjunction with the TrollMaster Trolling system. We stock all the latest outboard motor controls, connecting rods and handles you need – so shop for your outboard steering kit today and save! Re: After market remote steering kits for kicker motor After reeding the info on that system, I see no reason it would not work as long as you are trolling. I can understand the wanting to control the steering at the helm though. Oh and the time I ran out to fish only to find one of the quick release fittings was literally gone sucked as I had to steer that day by muscling the kicker. Thought this might be the next best setup. Kicker remote steering ideas There was no speed control and there was a cable that you had to drag around, but all in all it was a great system. Note, this is a remote steering / throttle system and does not have autopilot features like the TR1. Shop online to find the best prices on a huge selection of marine watermakers, steering, helm pumps, bow thrusters, stern thrusters, stabilizers, reverse osmosis systems, electronic controls, hydraulic controls, antennas, steering wheels, windlasses, anchor winches, jack plates, generators, wipers & all other marine grade products. Shop KICKER CXARC Amplifier Remote Bass Control Black at Best Buy. These systems have redundant controls that do not utilize the main outboard steering system. Can be installed on kicker motor with threaded tilt tube without drilling any holes in the boat. Trolling motor remote steering system. The pump on my truck was whining for some time like all power steering does when its going bad. The TROLLMaster is able to accomodate the Panther ElectroSteer by plugging the ElectroSteer directly into the TROLLMaster. In addition, Panther Products offers a full line of steering solutions, battery gauges, rope cleats, transom savers/motor supports and a curated offering of the best ladders on the market. This unit offers worry-free remote steering and speed control to operators of small gasoline outboard motor boats up to 20 horsepower. My previous boat had a TR-1 auto pilot on 9. Throttle chart found under the Description tab below. By the way, the IntelliSteer units do not have anything to do with your speed, just direction by using a remote control to adjust left and right. With solutions for all your boat steering problems, Overton's offers complete Teleflex Rack and Pinion Steering Systems, Rotary Steering Systems and the Baystar Hydraulic Steering System. Existing components: Feature Auxiliary Motor Steering Kit Zinc construction Panther part number: 55-2401 Description Trolling Motor Steering Connector kit is the ideal way to provide remote control steering for virtually any type or size of outboard trolling motor up to 25 horsepower. PowrTran has introduced a unique, boat remote power steering unit, the most compact on the market, that can be added to small outboards in minutes with common hand tools. Amazon's Choice for steering kicker motor. How can I rig another hydraulic cylinder to the OB? Having a direct link will allow the autopilot to steer while trolling. 9 hp kicker motor. The trolling bracket on my Crestliner boat was custom made when I had it in early '90, it works very good except the remote steering and throttle control. spent tons of money on various things for boats - as you all have - the TR-1 was one of the best "extras" i ever bought. This revolution in steering continues the innovative trend that Panther is known for. Above the dam the current is a slow 1/2mph and the steering works great. best kicker remote steering

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